Please continue to wear a protective mask in our indoor spaces

As you have probably noticed, as of 3.4. several of the Corona requirements that were previously in force in everyday life have become obsolete. However, we have decided to stick to them at the Falsche Hasen until further notice. That is, we ask that you continue to wear a mask when you enter the store. Likewise, the 3G rule will remain in place for the time being, at least for the indoor areas.

We realize that this won’t be to everyone’s liking. However, in view of the still quite high incidence, we don’t think it makes sense to abandon all caution from one day to the next.

We hope you will understand that we also want to make it possible for those who still feel uncomfortable with the sudden removal of protective measures to have as relaxed a visit as possible with us. Likewise, we naturally want to keep the environment as risk-free as possible for the people working with us.

Even though this is certainly not the ideal solution…. We believe that what works today will not suddenly become impossible tomorrow. At least we hope that the majority of you see it the same way or at least have understanding for it.